Beating Boredom

Boredom is something we all go through a time or two a day. What you may not know is that it may actually have some negative effects on us mentally. Being bored too often for a prolonged amount of time can cause a lack of self value, a feeling of lost purpose, and can be linked to some cases of mild depression. Here are a few things you can do with your unoccupied time to “Beat Boredom”

– Seek Inspiration-

It can be kind of difficult to find something to do if you haven’t found something that interests you. A couple good places I look to for some inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest. (Especially Pinterest) These are places where multiple people share ideas and  crafts and activities that they have tried. You may find a whole list of things to try that you’ve never thought of before. If social media is not your go to option then I suggest getting out every once in a while to check out what some people in your area do when they find themselves with too much time on their hands. The world is out there for you to discover!

-Weekly Practice-

Try your best to do something different each week, or maybe even each day! Finding something new to occupy your time with at least once a week will greatly benefit you both short term and in the long run. Keep your mind active and your body in motion. This may be difficult to do at first, but once you make activity browsing a part of your routine, your creative aspirations will pay off.

-It Doesn’t Have To Cost You-

You’re not required to spend big bucks to find some entertainment. There’s loads to do everywhere right around you, you just have to look a little farther than the fancy theater or the new fresh chicken nugget yoga sessions. (Yes nugget yoga is a thing. Google it.) A walk with a friend will cost you nothing more than missing a half hour of your show and 20 minutes worth of commercials. A “found art” craft will only ask that you glue together some junk you dig out of the messy drawer or your cluttered basement. Sometimes things really CAN be simple.

-Enjoy It And Share-

Whatever you find yourself doing, make sure you’re having a good time. I’d rather be bored than hate how I’m spending my free time. Find something that’s fun and easy for you to do. If you enjoy your activity, you’ll be more likely to commit to it in the future. And be sure to include your friends, co-workers, and loved ones! I’m sure they’re getting bored somewhere too, and doing things with people you care about will always be a positive experience.

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