8 Ways To Brighten Your Mood

We all have days when absolutely nothing seems to be going our way. Your alarm didn’t go off, the car won’t start, you’re late to class, you forgot to do the reading for this quiz and life is pissing in your Cheerios. Here are just a few ways to lift your mood.


Pouty baby 1. Take A Second To Breath

Take a step back and just breath for a moment. Sometimes you just have to accept life for what it is. Give yourself a moment to calm down, look back, access your situation, and figure out your next step.

2. Vent A Little

Find a safe, non-judgmental place where you can write it all down and get it off your mind. Talk to a close friend, or call up your mother. Spew it out and let it go.

3. Music

Throw on your favorite playlist and belt out some notes. Maybe you don’t have the greatest voice, but that’s really not the point. Sing along with a groovy, feel good tune and enjoy yourself for a while.

4. Food

Cook up a nice comfort food to enjoy. Steal one of grandma’s favorite recipes to re-create in your own kitchen. Bake some nice dessert. If you’re not one for cooking, maybe go out for a decent meal. A full and happy stomach will always save your mood.

food coffee breakfast

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

 5. Get Active

Take some time to walk it off, or maybe even jog. Go biking on some long trails. Take a kayak to a clear, crisp lake. While you’re out, enjoy the views, the smells, and the sounds of the great outdoors. Getting active will release endorphins in your body that soothe your brains pain reception and generate more positive emotions.

6. Sweet Scents

Light a candle or two, or even three. Fill the room with a pleasing aroma and take it all in. Find a nice, sweet scent such as lavender or cherry blossom, or apple orchard and flick a flame at the wick. Candles are a great way to trigger a calm vibe.

love romantic bath candlelight

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

7. Take A Warm Bath

Once your candles are lit you might as well hop in the tub and further your relaxation sensation. Nothing feels better than some warm water submerging your body. Sit in and lay back a while, let the water soothe your tense muscles and achy joints.

8. Tomorrow Is Almost Here

Tomorrow marks a new day and a chance to start fresh. Get a good nights rest and be ready to put on a smile in the morning. Today was a bit of a disaster, but tomorrow holds new opportunities to make life great again.

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