A Job In The Food Industry

Today we are taking orders, starting up the fryers, flipping on the oven, and digging in to this article where I’ll share with you my experience of working at a local pizza shop.

Service with a smile

Obviously, anytime you’re helping a customer you’ll want to give them a warm, welcoming smile. This probably seems like the easiest part of the job, but trust me, some days may test you. Just remember that you’re there to give the best service that you can, and you may need to push your own issues aside until your shift ends.

The customer is always right… even when they’re wrong.

So maybe you’ve taken an order down exactly as you were told and still managed to get a complaint when after the order was finished and handed off. Regardless of what you were told, their food isn’t the way they wanted it. Although this could be a customer error, it’s easier (not to mention more professional) to fix the order and send them happily on their way than it is to argue. If you’re not sure how to handle a dispute, call over your manager or supervisor. They’ll know exactly what to do.

Remember to check up often.

Even after a customer receives their food you’ll need to check in with them and ask if there’s anything they need. Keep their drinking glasses full, pick up those dirty dishes taking their table space, make sure they have all the dipping sauce they could ever need, and ask if they’d like their food boxed up.

Practice makes perfect

When starting at a new job, you may have no clue what you’re doing. Don’t get frustrated, and don’t give up. Your boss and co-workers are there to assist you and answer all your questions. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro.

Stay productive

Even when business slows down, there is always something to do. Your boss will appreciate the employee that consistently goes above and beyond to keep themselves busy. If your stuck standing around with nothing to do, offer a hand to a co-worker or ask your manager if there’s any cleaning you can do to fill time while you wait for a customer to serve or an order to cook. The more productive you choose to be during open hours, the faster you’ll be able to clock out after closing time.

Work as a team

You’re co-workers are there to work with you and make your job easier. You can’t do everything by yourself. Remember to communicate and have patience with each other. You won’t always be best friends with your co-workers, but don’t work against one another and keep any drama out of the work place. This will make everybody’s shift run a little smoother.

Do your best work

At the end of the night make sure you can always leave feeling like you’ve done your best. Working in the food industry and serving customers can always be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. As long as you’ve given everyday your best shot you have no reason not to be proud.

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