5 Things I Realized When I Went Makeup Free

I went bare faced for a month, and it was one of the most empowering things I’ve done in a while. Here are just a few things I learned in that short time.


As scared as I was to go out in public without makeup, I soon realized that it didn’t matter to anyone but me. There may be a lot of pressure to look perfect all the time, but in reality, no one actually expects you to have it all together.


I saved a fortune and a half by not spending my money on foundations and mascara and any other “daily wear” cosmetics. Typically, one tube of mascara costs $6-$20+, the same can be spent on eyeliner depending on the brand you choose, Foundation can be even pricier,anywhere from $8-$40 also depending on the brand you buy. These are typically things women throw on their face everyday, and have to restock every other month or so! Talk about breaking the bank.


My face was so much healthier when I stopped covering my pores everyday. My skin was breakout resistant and fresh and clean, a lot can change when you treat your skin well and let it breath! And not once did I have to worry about accidentally falling asleep with a face full of makeup.


Cutting makeup out of my morning routine opened up a whole extra hour. With that hour I had more time to make a proper breakfast and start my day right. Some days I used that extra time to get out and take an early morning walk and witness the beautiful sunrise. But of course, I occasionally took full advantage of sleeping in a little longer!


And you are too! Not wearing makeup everyday brought me to accept my natural beauty and love myself even more. It was a huge confidence boost and that was extremely empowering! I’m no longer hesitant to leave my house without makeup, cause I can look in the mirror and love my appearance no matter how “imperfect” it may be!

I challenge every woman to go makeup free for a while. Chances are you’ll love the results! I still wear makeup on special occasions or when I’m feeling like dressing it up, but overall, no makeup days are my best days. I want to see everyone’s natural faces, so if you decide to try this challenge make sure to hashtag it “#bareface2019”. I’ll be on the lookout to like your posts! Stay gorgeous my friends! 😊

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