6 Key Steps To A Tidy Home

  1. Invest in a sizable planner

Having a planner around to jot things down is key in remembering little side notes the day will throw at you. It also becomes necessary when writing out your chore lists to have them written on assigned dates or days of the week.

2. Write out chore lists

Take some time to sit and think of all the chores you typically need to complete. Once you’ve got a good list in mind, organize these tasks into “daily, weekly, monthly, & Seasonal” chores.

  • Write out your daily list and put it in the front of your planner, or post it to the fridge for daily reference. ( I put tasks such as “wash dirty dishes, Wipe surfaces, Take out the trash, and any little task I do daily.)
  • Cluster similar tasks in your weekly list and dedicate each cluster to a day of the week. (Tuesday is my bathroom cleaning day, while Wednesdays I spend time organizing the fridge and planning the family meals.)
  • Write out a list on an assigned date of every month in your planner to complete your list of monthly chores. (I do my monthly chores on the third Saturday of each month.)
  • Do the same thing with your seasonal chores as you did with your monthly list, except designate a day every 4 months to complete seasonal tasks. (My spring cleaning gets done in April, I prepare for a cozy fall in the end of August,& I do the majority of my decluttering in the beginning of December to prepare for Christmas decorations and incoming gifts.)

Once you plan out the WHEN of your chore list, starting a cleaning routine will become as natural as eating breakfast in the mornings.

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

3. Bins & Baskets

Make use of bins and baskets to store small items or individual items serving similar purposes.

  • Put a tote beside the rug at the door to store your shoes.
  • Use bins in the fridge to keep pop cans and fruit from rolling around.
  • Place a wicker basket near the couch for easy access to cozy blankets.
  • Get a short tub to put the dogs toys in.
  • Build a cabinet with square cloth totes to put the kids toys in.

Bins and baskets are a warm, decorative way to reduce the number of things laying out in the open. Plus,, they make everything easy to grab quickly, and put away faster.

4. USE THE “FivE minute” RULE

If a task is going to take you 5 minutes or less to complete, do it in the moment rather than saving the task for later. I can think of multiple instances where this trick would help.

  • Putting my keys in their place when I walk inside.
  • hanging my coat instead of draping it over the couch.
  • Emptying the car as soon as I get home.
  • Putting away the groceries promptly after hauling it in.
  • Completing the dishes after each meal.

If you accomplish these tasks from the start, you can avoid having clutter pile up. This will leave you more time to do outside of the cleaning realm.

5. Move out to move in again

When tackling a room that’s gotten out of hand long ago, it may be easiest to start fresh. Move everything possible out of the room and into another. Once you get the space cleared you’ll be able to deep clean the floor and start moving things back in the way you’d like them. (I decided to redo my living room a couple months ago, so I moved all the cabinets, end tables, lamps, and furniture into the dining room for the day. When I was finished organizing the junk I had built up, I moved everything back into the room where I found pleasing.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

6. A place for all, & All in it’s place

It’s difficult to put things away when they don’t have a designated space to be stored. Make time to designate a place for all your items. This helps make things easy to find when you need them and quick tidy ups become more convenient in the future. Having a place for everything is essential to keeping your home clutter free.

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